Interior Wind

Interior wind is a collection of pitched tonal howls, steady breezes and dynamic powerful gusts. It’s full of whistling, fluttering and buffeting wind recorded indoors. It has more than 3 hours of indoor wind ambiences from houses, apartments, cabins, halls and a car. All files are thoroughly and carefully tagged with metadata and have UCS-compliant file naming.

Characterful wind without man-made sound or birds

Locations with character and the right storms
It’s a collection of wind from an inside perspective made with years of patience waiting for the right storms to come along while finding different locations with their own character.

Pure singing wind and creaking houses
Mostly recorded at night during the cold winter, the sounds are isolated wind through cracks, crevices, wind shafts and slightly open doors or windows. 
Some with the structure creaking and moving, others just howling tones. Others are the powerful sound of wind pushing against the wall or roof, adding pressure and buffeting.

Great variety and many locations

Houses and apartments, rooms and attics, a wooden cabin and a car.
One of the locations we went to was in a house placed under a 120 meter (394 feet) tall power line. The power lines would resonate with a very low and ominous howl while the pylon would emit a specific note when the wind came from the right direction. Another recording session was done in a small wooden cabin in rural Denmark with all walls moving, creaking and making cracking sounds. Others were recorded in apartments or more traditional houses in rooms and attics.

Getting control of the wind
We would look at the wind direction and open windows and doors on the other side of the house to stimulate air flow and record through the tiny cracks. This way we got some control and could play with the tones and force of the wind.

IRT Cross MKH50 Interior Wind

Recording techniques

Low noise surround or stereo files
The surround files were recorded with an IRT Cross in surround while the stereo files range from XY to ORTF depending on the source.
Everything was recorded with MKH50 microphones on a Sound Devices 744T, so the files could have dynamic range and go really quiet between the gusts.

Close, Medium and Distant recordings
The collection has variation in distance to capture both the creaks and movement in the room while others are recorded in closer proximity to isolate a detailed howl or whistle.

UCS naming and metadata

Thoughtful UCS naming and accurate metadata
We have given careful consideration to the file naming and metadata of the collection, keeping filenames short and concise while providing extra information in the metadata to help narrow search criteria.

Interior Wind

Quad Surround & Stereo

More than 3 hours of interior wind ambiences in quad ORTF and stereo. Carefully edited, precisely named with UCS and given detailed metadata.

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Channels 4.0

96 kHz
24 Bit

10.5 GB



Quadrophonic and stereo
File count 42 Files
Format 96 kHz 24 bit wav
Size 10.5 GB
Channel layout L R Ls Rs
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