Rain Ambiences

Rain ambiences is a collection of detailed dripping, splattering and pouring rain. It has more than four and a half hours of rain recorded in nature preserves, rural and urban areas. 
The sounds were mostly recorded at night so the ambiences are full of texture and detail with a range from rain aftermath to stormy downpour on many different surfaces. All files are thoroughly and carefully tagged with metadata and have UCS-compliant file naming.

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A quick overview of the different kinds of sounds

To make it clear what’s in this collection, we’ve split out the sounds into these six categories. Have a listen!

Nature and rural




Rain Aftermath

Wet traffic

A little story about the recordings

This was a joy to record! Many of the files were recorded on four different and very fortunate holidays. Generally, I don’t like rain that much on my vacations, but these trips were special because it only rained at night, allowing me to set up the microphones and record long stretches without any unwanted sounds. And I could still wake up in the morning and enjoy a warm day in the sun.

Sometimes, I recorded the entire event from start to finish, with the wind gradually building up or the thunder closing in, before the first subtle drops turned into a roaring shower and then decreased into a calm scene with fat drops falling from nearby leaves. Some recordings were done up close to the surface to capture the detailed drops, while others focused on the reflections of the environment.

Quick to setup ORTF rig

For these recordings, I created a very transportable ORTF rig consisting of a couple of MKH50’s or CM4’s mounted on an ORTF bar with the F3 on top. With a handle and a larger shock mount, I could quickly go handheld for short showers, but for most recordings, the mics were placed on a tripod.

Rural locations and urban rain

The recordings were made in rural Denmark, rural France, and in the forests of Belgium. But I think you would have a hard time distinguishing which is where, as most recordings are free of birds or other fauna that would reveal the location.


To contrast these natural forest and field environments, I also recorded in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, during very early mornings or in the middle of the night. My focus here was on the reflections from walls, the dripping in rainpipes, and the falling water into the drainage. Sometimes there was distant wet traffic or beautiful pass-bys through the puddles in the street. There’s a different vibe to these recordings with the city in the background and the reflections in the alleys, making them a valuable addition to the more natural environments.

UCS naming, metadata and mastering

It goes without saying, but all files were meticulously named with UCS and had metadata added for easy search. The mastering was done by making soft recordings slightly louder and the loudest recordings a bit softer, within limits, so you don’t have to constantly adjust the monitor volume.

Thanks for listening!

Rain Ambiences


4.5 hours of dripping, drizzles and spattering recorded in ORTF. 52 ambiences carefully edited, precisely named with UCS and given detailed metadata.

Need a multi-user license?
Just add multiple copies equal to the amount of users needed.

Channels 2.0

96 kHz
24 Bit

9 GB



File count 52 Files
Format 96 kHz 24 bit wav
Size 9 GB
Channel layout L R
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