Wind Ambiences

Wind ambiences is a collection of mono, stereo and surround recordings ranging from light breeze to powerful storm. Cold and tonal gusts, detailed swirling and strong buffeting wind. It’s more than 2.5 hours of material full of character with a focus on a cinematic sound avoiding birds or man-made noise. All files are carefully tagged with metadata and have thoughtful UCS-compliant file names.

A collection of cinematic wind

Versatile and pure wind for detailed backgrounds
We carefully recorded the sound of wind as a cinematic element with versatility in mind, capturing a range of tonal and noise elements while omitting surrounding sounds such as birds, streams, or man-made noise. Our goal was to create a collection of sounds that would be useful for a variety of scenes and settings.

Recording the many colors and qualities of wind
We recorded the wind in various conditions, capturing its many colors and qualities, including choppy, gusty, whistling, howling, calm, airy, swirling, and more. The resulting collection features files in surround, stereo, and expressive mono sources for panning, providing a broad palette of sound to choose from.

Microphone setup

Wide spacing with accuracy
We used an NOS setup with Sennheiser MKH50 supercardioids. This setup blends the clarity of intensity-based stereo with the softer sound of time difference, making it ideal for wind ambiences. It adds depth without losing detail.

A broad palette of wind sounds

Variation and focus
Most of the sounds were recorded in winter, when the barren trees provided a tonal quality that allowed the wind’s characteristics to stand out without being overpowered by noisy leaves. Some of the recordings also focus on the movement of the wind, such as closer buffeting or long wavy gusts through treetops in the forest, which move gently around the surround field, emerging and disappearing.

Perfect for additional pitching and layering
The collection includes both tonal and noise-based layers, making it easy to create layers and control the ratio between them. Additionally, we have included nine variations of expressive mono recordings that were captured in close proximity to sticks and other debris, creating tonal resonances that sound natural but yet very expressive. These mono recordings are perfect for panning and layering with the base layers and can easily be pitched to create variation and interesting textures.

UCS naming and metadata

Thoughtful UCS naming and accurate metadata
We have given careful consideration to the file naming and metadata of the collection, keeping filenames short and concise while providing extra information in the metadata to help narrow search criteria.

Part of the "Complete Wind" collection

If you want to dig deeper into creating detailed and evocative wind scenes you can get the “Wind collection” which combines the sounds of the four libraries Wind Ambiences, Wind in Vegetation, Abstract Wind and Interior Wind. Create the bed with Wind Ambiences and add detail with Wind in Vegetation. Add an impressionistic layer with Abstract Wind and make the transition to a scene set indoor with Interior Wind.

The Complete Wind collection

Wind Ambiences

Quad Surround & Stereo

More than 2.5 hours of wind ambiences in quad, stereo and mono. Carefully edited, precisely named with UCS and given detailed metadata.

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Channels 4.0

96 kHz
24 Bit

7.3 GB



Quadrophonic, Stereo and Mono
File count 39 Files
Length 158 Minutes
Format 96 kHz 24 bit wav
Size 7.3 GB
Channel layout L R Ls Rs
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