Rain Ambiences

Rain ambiences is a collection of detailed dripping, splattering and pouring rain. It has more than four and a half hours of rain recorded in nature preserves, rural and urban areas. 
Being mostly recorded at night the ambiences are full of texture and detail with a range from rain aftermath to stormy downpour on many different surfaces. All files are thoroughly and carefully tagged with metadata and have UCS-compliant file naming.

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Our Libraries

Rain Ambiences

Rain with detail and character
Rain Ambiences is a collection of detailed sputtering, spattering and otherwise wet rain. The collection was recorded in cities, rural places and nature preserves.

Wind Ambiences

Detailed and colorful wind
Thirty-nine different flavors of wind to make your backgrounds come alive. A colorful palette with tonal and raw wind without birds or man-made noise. All recorded outside.  

Interior Wind

Howling, whistling and buffeting 
A collection of pitched tonal howls, steady breezes and dynamic powerful gusts. It’s full of whistling, fluttering and buffeting wind recorded indoors.

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